A Pop Art inspired Quilt

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Although I would label myself to be a dressmaker I spend a huge amount of my time these days crafting and quilting. I just absolutely love to create, it doesn’t matter the medium its all about the process. Quilting is something I’m completely self taught with, but after years of experimenting and trying different things out I like to think I’m rather good at it now.

I particularly love foundation paper piecing (FPP) because of the intricate images that can be created. It’s a method I only came across in the last couple of years but it’s a Pandora’s box of potential so experimenting with different methods and designs is bringing me a lot of joy.

This quilt combines blocks from QuiltyPie, Linzentart, EtiveandCo and FullBobbinDesigns and together they create this really vibrant and fun quilt perfect for the recipient I was making it for. The friend I was making it for was expecting a new baby so i chose images that said something to me about them as a family.

Now I do design my own FPP quilt designs too, the llama for instance is one I’ve created… But when I went on a hunt for inspiration and found these I just knew that’s what I wanted to create. Etsy is a massive hub of so many different FPP patterns and is a fabulous place to look for them.

I’ve never done a quilt before where I’ve limited myself to just plain and polka dot fabrics but doing so helped strengthen the impact and unify all the different colours.

I tried to keep the quilting simple for the same reason, I wanted the FPP to do all the talking. So I stitched around the outside edge of all the images and then created a loose swirl in some of the background space.


For reference…

Monstera – FullBobbinDesigns

Heart Bubble – Linzentart

Ice Cream – QuiltyPie

Pinwheel – FullBobbinDesigns

Strawberry QuiltyPie

Light Bulb – EtiveandCo

Yay – QuiltyPie


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