Me Made May (for those of you who haven’t come across it before) was created by Zoe Edwards (or sozoblog as she’s known on Instagram) and it’s become a huge movement in the sewing community… the aim being to encourage you to wear your me mades. Now each sewist takes this on in different ways giving themselves an individual challenge for the month on how they’re going to approach it. For me, my goal was to wear and document a different me made everyday without any repeats. I knew my wardrobe was full enough of me mades to do it, and it would push me to figure out why I don’t wear some of them and what it is that has me always reaching for the high-street jeans and a top combo I’m so commonly found in rather than the garments that I’ve made myself.

So having got through the whole of the month, totally nailing the goal I set myself and really rather incredible about that I wanted to look back on it and really digest the month as a whole

My Me Made May 2021

Some of the garments were from self drafted patterns, but the rest are as follows:

Tilly and the Buttons: Coco Dress, Mila Dungarees, Bettine Dress, Cleo Pinnafore, Stevie Top

Megan Nielsen: Briar Top, Rowan Bodysuit, Opal Pants

True Bias Ogden Cami

Waves and Wild Heyday Dungarees

Helens Closet York Pinnafore

Named Clothing Kielo Wrap Dress

New Look 6458

Simplicity 9125 and 8887

McCalls 6886 (now re-numbered as 8058)

Now first things first, man was it harder than I anticipated. I’ve never taken part in Me Made May before, since I came across it I was either pregnant/busy with a newborn/breastfeeding/surviving a pandemic and couldn’t get myself to a place where it felt achievable but this year was my year and quite honestly unknowingly I really needed it (it wasn’t till about half way through that I actually realised that). But the main reason it was hard was because I’d stopped taking time for myself in the mornings… I would slide out of bed and shove some clothes on, throw my hair in a bun and then my focus would be on getting the children ready etc. Then all of a sudden the 1st of May hit and I had to take a bit more time to consider what I was going to wear, and then because I was going to photograph it I was putting more thought into how I looked as a whole so a little bit of makeup began being applied, which as the month went on suddenly became a little more makeup than i’d ever usually worn on a weekday because do you know what, taking the time to focus on me had begun making me feel amazing. It shouldn’t be a profound statement but since having children I’d definitely put less focus on myself and the pandemic had for sure had an impact as well (hard to be motivated to make an effort when you’ve no where to go).

So, when I say it was hard… that isn’t a negative statement, because it was totally necessary. It forced me to take time for myself again, to prioritise myself even and say to my family “sorry I’m busy doing something for me at the moment” a statement I don’t think they’d heard for a long time. Me Made May has somehow helped me find myself… and helped me realise that I am a bold, loud print and pattern clash loving eccentric and I need to stop trying to fit into a box that wasn’t made for me. I don’t think anyone that knows me will ever say that I try to conform to how the rest of the world is because there was always a quirk about me, but I think in a way I was trying to do just that… which is possibly terrifying for them to hear that an unbridled version of me has been unleashed but I am who I am and it makes me happier than I realised to just allow the full quirk out.

As the month went on I began noticing that I’d be grumpy on certain days and when I looked back to figure out why I’d realise that I didn’t feel myself/comfortable in what I was wearing. Most of the time when that happened it would be because I felt my body looked disproportionate in it, my style in the length I like to wear things at changed over the last decade and so things that were older tended to be shorter or no longer fit my body any longer. Other things were just too plain, they didn’t yell at you enough (I really can’t get into words how much a bold, bonkers print makes my heart sing). I took me most of the month to figure this out, and for a while couldn’t make sense of it because I’m so often in a plain top and jeans… but I think what was making it such a stark contrast is I was in such an incredible mental space when I was wearing something that I felt incredibly proud of that when I wasn’t the next day it would be a big jump. When you go weeks on weeks of just wearing “meh” I think you notice the mood change less, so its something that now I’m aware of I put more thought into each morning (even when I’m wearing shop brought things).

Now the garments that aren’t right haven’t been given up on… some have gone to my studio for a rework to see if I can adjust and alter them so they better fit my aesthetic now, and others have been put aside to cut up and made into something new (I can’t waste perfectly good fabric).

Now the most important thing that I can report about my Me Made wardrobe… It doesn’t have enough pockets! Why the heck I don’t put pockets in everything I make I have no idea, but it began making me incredibly cross when I’d put something on and realise I had no-where to put my face-mask and phone (the 2 things I pretty much always have on me). So, note to self… EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH POCKETS!

The other amazing part of Me Made May was engaging with and chatting to other sewists. My instagram feed would always be awash with beautiful handmade garments every day and it was so inspiring. I’d spot fabrics or patterns that I would note down as ones I wanted to try/buy. The online sewing community is one of the most positive places I have ever found myself and Me Made May feels like a festival that everyone is celebrating together… it really is just incredible fun.

Here is my list of patterns I've been inspired to try...

Named Clothing Kielo Wrap Jumpsuit
Named Clothing Reeta Dress
Closet Core Patterns Ginger Jeans
Papercut Patterns Pinnacle Top
PaperTheory Pattern Zadie Jumpsuit
SewHouse7 BurnsideBibs

I’d also like to explore FibreMood more, that is a brand that has definitely come up more than a few times. 

I need to stop making so many dresses and consider making more tops as the jeans/top combo I favour so heavily would be way cooler if it was Me Made Jeans and a Me Made Top. 

I’ve seen a lot of amazing colour blocking in patterns that I am desperate to try… I’m thinking of starting with a sweater.

I would also like to try making my own bra, I have seen so many stunningly beautiful Me Made Bra’s recently, I just need to decide on the right pattern for my body type. Any recommendations welcome.


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